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      Alibaba best selling products ranking based on sales. Updated daily.


      Alibaba hot search products ranking based on search data. Updated daily.
      About product and suppliers:

      Find the right laptop to meet your needs with the wide selection available on Alibaba.com. Computers can be used for work or play and laptops offer more portability. Browse through the array of 15.6-inch laptops on our site, desktops or laptop accessories. You can also personalize your device by choosing colors such as white, silver or black.?

      Aside from a laptop, Alibaba.com also has a large collection of desktop computers as well. You can find a?computer?that ranges from high definition large scale sizes or more miniature computers. There are also screens available that are touch screen. While you can find many core i7 laptops, you can also search desktops with Intel cores ranging from i3 to i7. Some of the screens range in sizes from 21.5 to 23.8 inches. The computers also have memory capacity spanning 4GB to 16GB.?

      For a more portable computer, Alibaba.com has 15.6-inch laptops that also have screen sizes including 14.1 or 17.3 inches. For?gaming laptops that are high-speed, you can find hard drive capacities of up to 1TB. There are also a variety of ultra-slim laptops with RAM memory in options such as 4 GB to 32 GB. When browsing the devices you can find laptops with additional features including backlit keyboards, Bluetooth or Blu Ray capabilities.?

      Not only can you find a laptop or desktop on Alibaba.com but there are also protective covers sold as well. For the?ultra slim laptop, you can find protective sleeves that are also slim in design. Some of the notebook PC covers are also waterproof for extra coverage.

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