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      About product and suppliers:

      Find personal transportation or equip your sporting goods store when you shop the wide selection of bicycles available at Alibaba.com. We offer makes and models from manufacturers across the world to help you order exactly what you need. Shop steel, wooden or fiberglass adult bicycles in every color of the rainbow.? If you are looking for pedal-powered or motorized, we have it.?

      Shop bicycles for transportation or trick-riding in every color of the rainbow. We offer powder-coated and painted metal models to give you the look you and your customers seek. Improve fitness while riding the trails on a mountain bicycle?or offer slimmed-down models for couriers or big-city commutes. Choose spoked wheels or mags to offer a range of functionality or find folding bicycles to increase transportability. Order a bike for personal use or outfit a fleet of personalized, motorized bicycles for a fun new tourism attraction.?

      Embrace the ease of a man-powered commute with an adult bicycle in red, blue or black. Order custom paint jobs to fit the unique style of the customers of your bike shop. We offer a range of both stable and folding bicycles to meet almost any need with ease. Shop our offerings for freestyle, street or racing bicycles to make sure your customers find what they need. You will find a wide range of frames, bodies and wheel styles. Choose mountain bicycles, racing bikes or freestyle frames good for the halfpipe or skate park.?

      Feel confident in quality construction and reliable bicycles when you shop the selection at Alibaba.com. We offer motorized, tandem and even exercise cycles. Shop our broad range of bikes and meet your personal transportation needs, or outfit a fleet for a fun jaunt around town. From kid's sizes, with and without training wheels, to adult bicycles, you will find the right product for any job.

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